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Why do we need PE film for aluminium?

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Why do we need PE film for aluminium?

PE film for aluminium is formed by evaporating high-purity aluminum wire at high temperature (1100~1200℃) into gaseous state through a vacuum aluminizing process, and then when the plastic film passes through the vacuum evaporation chamber, the gaseous aluminum molecules are deposited on the surface of the plastic film. PE film for aluminium with bright metallic color.


PE film for aluminium has superior performance characteristics

As we all know, PE film for aluminium has bright metallic luster, excellent gas, and light barrier properties, as well as good moisture resistance, heat resistance, and puncture resistance. To a certain extent, it can replace aluminum foil and is widely used in packaging and labeling. The base film carrying PE film for aluminium should also not be ignored.


① PE film for aluminium saves energy and materials and reduces costs.

② PE film for aluminium has excellent folding resistance and good toughness, rarely pinholes and cracks, no warping and cracking, so the barrier to gas, water vapor, odor, light, etc. is improved.

③ PE film for aluminium has excellent metallic luster, and the light reflectivity can reach 97%; and it can form a color film through paint treatment, and its decoration effect is inferior to that of aluminum foil.

④ PE film for aluminium can be partially aluminized by shielding to obtain any pattern or transparent window, which can see the contents.

⑤ The aluminum-plated layer has good electrical conductivity and can eliminate electrostatic effects; its sealing performance is good, especially when packaging powdered products, it will not pollute the sealing part, ensuring the sealing performance of the package.

⑥ Good adaptability to post-processing such as printing and compounding.


Due to the above characteristics, PE film for aluminium has become a new type of composite film with excellent performance, economy and beauty, and has replaced aluminum foil composite materials in many aspects. It is mainly used for the vacuum packaging of flavored food and agricultural products, as well as the packaging of medicines, cosmetics, and cigarettes. In addition, PE film for aluminium is also widely used as bronzing material and trademark label material in printing.


What are the advantages of PE film for aluminium?

The PE film for aluminium process generally adopts the direct plating method, that is, the aluminum layer is directly plated on the surface of the substrate film. Adjust the unwinding speed, rewinding speed, wire feeding speed and evaporation rate, turn on the cooling source, so that the aluminum wire is continuously melted and evaporated on the evaporation boat, so that a bright aluminum layer is formed after the surface of the moving film is cooled.


① High transparency and good gloss.

② Good flexibility and easy to use.

③ The shrinkage rate is large, and the shrinkage rate can reach up to 70%.

④ PE film for aluminium has good heat sealing performance, high strength, suitable for manual, semi-automatic and high-speed automatic packaging.

⑤ Good cold resistance, suitable for storage and transportation of the packaged materials in a cold environment.

⑥ Environmentally friendly and non-toxic, food can be packaged.

⑦ Moisture-proof and dust-proof.

⑧ The packaging cost of PE film for aluminium is low, which is better than that of carton and other materials.


Applications: medicines, beverages, mineral water, beer, laminate flooring, palletizing, building materials, metal products, dairy products, glass bottles, industrial paper and other large-scale packaging equipment, articles, etc.


PE film for aluminium is extremely cost-effective

As the number of composite layers is reduced and the composite structure is simplified, PE film for aluminium can reduce costs, improve efficiency, and at the same time can save energy and protect the environment and reduce VOCs emissions. Taking the common three-layer structure of PET//VMPET//PE as an example, if it is replaced with a two-layer structure of PET//VMPE, a preliminary estimate of the cost is about 5%-10%.


At present, the cost of PE film for aluminium is running at a historically low level. If the cost returns to a reasonable level in the future, the cost savings will be greater. PE film for aluminium heat shrinkable film: It is polymerized by ethylene, divided into high density polyethylene, medium density polyethylene and low density polyethylene according to the difference of density d. It can be made into cylindrical film, L-shaped double-folded film and single film, and can be processed into cylindrical bags, flat bags and trapezoidal bags according to customer needs.

In addition to aluminum PE film, we also provide Protective Film For Glass, Protective Film For Carpet and Protective Film For Plastic.


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