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What is the performance of PE film for aluminium?

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What is the performance of PE film for aluminium?

As we all know, PE film for Aluminium has bright metallic luster, excellent gas and light barrier properties, and good moisture resistance, heat resistance and puncture resistance. PE film for Aluminium can replace aluminum foil to a certain extent and is widely used in packaging and labels. There are many types of PE film for Aluminium, currently commonly used are PE film for Aluminium, BOPP aluminized film, PET aluminized film and CPP aluminized film. PE film for Aluminium has superior performance in various aluminized films and has obvious advantages. The following is a professional packaging film manufacturer, to introduce you to the advantages of PE film for Aluminium.


Excellent performance of PE film for Aluminium

PE film for Aluminium is an excellent barrier material used in flexible packaging materials for food, beverages and food. Due to its low quality (low transportation cost), strong resistance to light, gas, liquid and liquid microorganisms.


Aluminum is oxidized in the outermost layer, so it can be at pH 4.5-8.5, but PE film for Aluminium or similar thermoplastic materials are required to completely protect the content of acidic or alkaline components when packaging. PE film for Aluminium not only protects the contents, but also reduces the number of foils required to provide the required barrier properties.


① PE film for Aluminium has excellent heat-seal performance, and can be directly combined with PET, OPP and NY to make bag making bags. Because of the reduction of a layer of materials and processes, the cost is reduced. Since PET aluminized film does not have heat sealing properties, it can only be used as an intermediate layer.

② PE film for Aluminium has excellent aluminum layer adhesion, and the aluminum layer will not transfer and delaminate after compounding, which solves the big problem of PET aluminized film transfer and delamination that has plagued the packaging industry for many years.


The performance difference between PE film for Aluminium and CPP coating.

PE film for Aluminium has excellent low-temperature heat-seal performance and high heat-seal strength, and is more suitable for high-speed packaging, greatly improving packaging efficiency.


PE film for Aluminium has excellent cold resistance and can be used normally in the range of -40°C~+80°C. Even in the cold winter in the north, it will not become brittle and hard and crack, and the CPP aluminized film starts The brittleness at 0°C hardens and causes the bag to rupture.


Cost-benefit analysis of PE film for Aluminium

The application of PE film for Aluminium with the minimum coating weight required to give the necessary barrier properties is ideal, not only from the perspective of saving raw materials and energy, but also from the environmental point of view that PE film for Aluminium is not biodegradable.


When the barrier layer has a uniform thickness, the best barrier performance can be obtained. The on-line scanning measuring device of PE film for Aluminium measures the weight of the coating, which can strictly control the thickness and the uniformity of the thickness of the coating material.


With the help of PE film for Aluminium, the traditional three-layer structure can be simplified into an innovative two-layer structure, thereby reducing the number of composite layers and simplifying the composite structure, thereby reducing costs and improving efficiency. At the same time, it can also save energy, protect the environment and reduce VOC emissions.


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