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What is PE film for aluminium?

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What is PE film for aluminium?

As we all know, PE film for aluminium has bright metallic luster, excellent gas, and light barrier properties, as well as good moisture resistance, heat resistance, and puncture resistance. To a certain extent, it can replace aluminum foil and is widely used in packaging and labeling. The base film carrying PE film for aluminium cannot be ignored either.


The past and present of PE film for aluminium

There are almost no domestic manufacturers that can produce PE film for aluminium that meets the requirements, and aluminum plating on ordinary PE film will have problems such as poor adhesion of the aluminum layer and no metallic luster of the coating.


It is difficult for a clever woman to cook without rice, so the domestic research and development and promotion of PE film for aluminium are very slow. Hualong Packaging has successfully developed the ideal PE film for aluminium under the painstaking exploration and research and development of a Japanese expert R&D team, which has been well-known in the United Nations. Aluminum companies have produced the ideal PE film for aluminium. At past Chinaplas fairs, it made a stunning debut and attracted the attention of many professionals in the soft packaging industry.


Cost benefit analysis of PE film for aluminium

At present, there are commonly used polyester aluminized film (VMPET), BOPP aluminized film (VMOPP) and CPP aluminized film (VMCPP). As for PE film for aluminium (VMPE), it is currently used by a small number of domestic customers. import.


Since the number of composite layers is reduced and the composite structure is simplified, costs can be reduced, efficiency can be improved, and energy conservation, environmental protection, and VOCs emissions can be reduced. Taking the common three-layer structure of PET//VMPET//PE film for aluminium as an example, if it is replaced with a two-layer structure of PET//VMPE, a preliminary estimate of the cost is about 5%-10%. At present, the cost of PET is operating at a historically low level. If the cost returns to a reasonable level in the future, the cost savings will be greater.


Introduction to the market prospects of PE film for aluminium

The market prospect of PE film for aluminium, PE film for aluminium can be widely used in flexible packaging and labeling fields such as coffee, preserved fruit, frozen food, etc. Due to the above-mentioned excellent characteristics and performance, it is foreseeable that PE film for aluminium will have a broad market space, which has been proved abroad.


We believe that visionary and innovative brand owners, color printing plants, and aluminum plating plants will soon realize the commercial value of this packaging material. Push PE film for aluminium this innovative packaging material to the market as soon as possible to realize commercial value and social value.


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