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Precautions for PE film for aluminium

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Precautions for PE film for aluminium

Compared with the previous few years, the quality of PE film for aluminium products has been greatly improved, but there are still many details to be improved. Of course, the protective effect of PE film for aluminium products is originally for a short time. , This is understandable, the following analyzes the common problems and precautions about PE film for aluminium from the following aspects.


What are the matters needing attention in PE film for aluminium processing?

① PE film for aluminium should pay attention to the stickiness, dirt and foreign matter of the protective film.

② Whether there is shrinkage in the final size of PE film for aluminium.

③ Whether the combination of PE film for aluminium and lower release paper is suitable to cause difficult release.


What is the solution of PE film for aluminium?

l 1. Viscosity can only be improved by machine test and actual test proof, dirty and foreign matter environment.

l 2. It is a common problem when PE film for aluminium shrinks. The elongation rate of PE film for aluminium itself is relatively high, which is caused by various factors in production:

① During the lamination process of PE film for aluminium, the pressure of the machine rollers is too tight, which leads to the lengthening of the size. After the product is pressed and formed, it naturally shrinks, and the 48H size has a significant shrinkage. Therefore, the proper pressure in the fitting process is very important;

② The layout method of the product must be the same as the direction of the protective film;

③ Master the standard of PE film for aluminium's natural force retraction and appropriately reduce or enlarge the die;

④ To understand the needs and usefulness of customers, it is recommended that customers expand the tolerance length generally ±0.4mm. Width ±0.3mm.


Common problems and solutions of PE film for aluminium.

Problem 1: The paste is not firm

In the process of transportation and use, the phenomenon of falling off and weak adhesion to the protected product occurs. The biggest possibility is that the pressure-sensitive adhesive used in the production of PE film for aluminium products is not sufficiently viscous. Another possibility is that the user The pressure of the press molding machine used during the stamping process is not enough, or the surface of the profile is not clean, there is dust or paint, etc., which affects the adhesive effect of the sensitive adhesive!


Solution: If this problem occurs, it is necessary to address the cause, prescribe the right medicine, replace the sensitive adhesive to increase the pressure of the film, or pay attention to the effective cleaning of the surface of the profile when attaching the PE film for aluminium to avoid such problems.


Problem 2: Both ends of PE film for aluminium are cocked

The main reason for this phenomenon is that the PE film for aluminium is stretched to a large extent during the pasting process with the protected profile. After it is pasted, it will retract unnecessarily in a high temperature environment. This is a problem. Appeared on the products of southern customers.


Solution: We should pay attention to the impact of environmental temperature difference on the use of products, and avoid unnecessary surface stretching during the pasting process.


Problem 3: Degumming of PE film for aluminium

When the user finishes the installation and construction of the profile, the peeled PE film for aluminium will be degummed and remain on the profile product. There are many possibilities for this problem, the most likely is that the pressure glue used for the PE film for aluminium product does not meet the requirements , That is, it is too sticky. When the PE film for aluminium product is peeled off, the external tension is greater than the internal stress, and it remains on the profile.


Solution: If the user has this kind of problem, you can use a clean rag to dip a little alcohol, and repeatedly wipe the remaining sensitive adhesive until the sensitive adhesive is wiped clean, but it should be noted that you must be careful when you wipe the adhesive. Don't use too much force, or it may affect the finish of the profile product.


Problem 4: There is residual glue after peeling off PE film for aluminium

The residual glue of PE film for aluminium has always been a headache for the packaging industry. The residual glue of PE film for aluminium has a great relationship with the peeling force of the protective film. To solve the problem of residual glue, we must start from the peeling force of PE film for aluminium. The stronger the viscosity, the worse the peel strength may be, the worse the quality of the adhesive, the worse the peel strength.


Solution: The problem of residual glue of PE film for aluminium can be added with cross-linking agent. The reactivity of cross-linking agent must be high enough that it can be cured at a lower curing temperature, but if the base material used is PE film for aluminium Because of the poor temperature resistance of PE film for aluminium, the curing temperature of the selected curing agent should not be too high. The outer adhesive reacts well to the peeling force of the emulsion type protective film.


Question 5: PE film for aluminium is difficult to peel off

When the profile product is installed and peeled off, the PE film for aluminium cannot be peeled off effectively, and breakage occurs during peeling, which is a very headache for customers.


Solution: Both of these reasons can actually be prevented by choosing regular manufacturers to purchase. For purchasing PE film for aluminium, users not only need to understand the relevant purchasing skills, but also shop around in everything, and judge the choice based on the price, service, and the manufacturer's qualifications, strength, and customer reviews.


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