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How to choose high-quality PE film?

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How to choose high-quality PE film?

PE film is a plastic film used to package various commodities, the purpose is to avoid all impacts and all impacts from the external environment. PE film has the advantages of saving packaging costs and being easy to use. It is the best choice for many individuals and companies.


How to choose high-quality PE stretch film?

Before purchasing a PE film, you should consider the size, height, length, width, etc. of the product, as well as the shape and characteristics of the product (if the product size is small), you should use 2kg to 4kg of hand wrapping paper. Because it fits your hand and is not too heavy; on the other hand, if the product is larger, you should use a packaging machine with a PE film of 10 kg to 15 kg or more. To estimate the length, width, and the number of PE film rolls required to pack 1 pallet of goods, you can choose a suitable PE film roll.


Test the quality of PE film before choosing high-quality PE film.

When purchasing PE film packaging trays, please check the color, elasticity, adhesion... and thickness of the film. PE film is made of polyethylene beads, so it has high elasticity. If the film is opaque or less elastic, thick, fragile or granular, and moldy, it may be mixed with impurities during the production process and the quality is poor. Of course, this product should not be purchased. It should be noted that the greater the thickness of the PE film, the fewer meters in the roll.


Choose high-quality PE film should consider many factors.

In the current market, PE films are widely sold, with different prices and quality. Number of samples. Low-quality polyethylene film will affect the level of protection of the goods and make transportation more prone to rot. Choose high-quality PE film should consider many factors.


1. Tensile strength

The tensile force is the characteristic of withstanding the breaking force of the material. High-quality PE film must have a high tensile strength value greater than 400kp/cm2. Even if you stretch as much as possible without tearing the PE film in the middle, you must reach this strength value. In order to have this durability, the PE film must be blown from pure plastic particles and cannot be doped.


2. Tear strength

Tear strength is the resistance of a material to the tearing or tearing force required to tear. This is an important criterion for manufacturers who need high quality and determine the end use. Different uses will require different tear strengths. The packaging of potato chips requires low tear strength, which is more beneficial and convenient for users. For PE film, higher tear strength is required to be used with industrial machinery, which helps to store goods safely during long-distance transportation.


3. Impact resistance

This is the impact resistance of PE film used to pack high-weight items. With this ability, highly durable PE film can be used to further protect the cargo, so you don't have to worry about impact during transportation. You can test by placing an object on the PE film and measuring the relative force required to enter or break the material.


4. Flexibility

High-quality PE film must ensure flexibility to meet the needs of product packaging. This is a key feature required for PE film packaging equipment. If the PE film is too hard, it cannot be put into the packaging machine. On the contrary, if the PE film is too soft, it is easy to tear and packaging will be more difficult.


5. Heat resistance

Heat resistance is the minimum requirement for PE film. In order to be able to operate in packaging equipment, PE film needs to have good heat resistance, not melt at high temperatures or not brittle at low temperatures. In addition, during transportation, cargo transportation cannot be avoided in extreme weather, high temperature or low temperature, so a good heat-resistant PE film is required.


6. Gloss and opacity

This is a standard that you can easily see with the naked eye. High-quality PE film is white, transparent, colorless, and tasteless. You should avoid using yellow PE film because it is made of unhealthy plastic and therefore cannot remain white. In addition, the opacity of milky white will reduce the transparency of the PE film, thereby losing the appearance of the product.


7. Humidity resistance

Rainy weather or humid environment is prone to deterioration or moldy items. Therefore, the moisture resistance of PE film is a factor that needs to be considered when packaging products. Moisture resistance can keep the product in its best condition to prevent mildew. Special cartons, clothes, coffee beans, cocoa powder... Even in wet weather or weather conditions, good moisture resistance is required.


8. Grease resistance

Due to its moisture-proof, easy-to-use, low-cost and aesthetic characteristics, PE film can also be used for food packaging. The fat in the PE film can seep into food and damage packaging and other items. To determine the grease resistance, place a pile of fine sand filled with oil on it, then place the test piece on it, and place it on it with a piece of absorbent paper. Write down the time spent and the mark left on the paper. The above are the 8 criteria for choosing high-quality and safe PE film. I hope that this can help you easily and safely buy the best quality PE film and help you package your products.

If you want to choose high-quality PE film, you can contact us.


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