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How often do I need to replace the PE film for aluminium?

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How often do I need to replace the PE film for aluminium?

PE film for aluminium, also known as high temperature resistant polyester film, has excellent physical properties, chemical properties and dimensional stability, transparency and recyclability. It can be widely used in magnetic recording, photosensitive materials, electronics, electrical insulation, industrial films, Packaging and decoration fields.

How long is the life of PE film for aluminium?

PE film for aluminium is based on polyethylene. Polyethylene material has a long service life. If there is no external special chemical composition reaction, it may not be completely melted in a few decades. After several production processes, the PE protective film is weakened, and the normal service life can reach 10-15 years.


PE material is the simplest polymer organic compound and the most widely used polymer material in the world. PE film for aluminium is based on special polyethylene (PE) plastic film, which can be divided into high density polyethylene protective film, medium density polyethylene and low density polyethylene according to different densities.


Does PE film for aluminium have a shelf life?

PE film for aluminium is usually half a year or a year, depending on the grade and storage conditions of PE film for aluminium. PE film for aluminium used for aluminium suppliers--Octivia Industrial Development Co., td. was established in 2008. We The company is located in Jiangsu Province, China, very close to Shanghai. Since then, we have been engaged in the business of manufacturing PE film for aluminium. The company has the professional ability to manufacture protective films for traditional industries and electronics industries.


We provide a variety of products, including: high-purity aluminum PE film, aluminum plastic PE film, high-aluminum PE film, which can meet the different needs of customers. Our products are known for their high viscosity, no residue, scratch resistance and less fish eyes. We provide customized products to meet the needs of each customer. We provide quality products at competitive prices. Please contact our sales representative to better understand our products. You are welcome to visit our website to view all our products.


What are the factors of replace the PE film for aluminium?

During the investigation, the users of PE film for aluminium reported to us many problems about the quality of the protective film, hoping that these problems can be solved in time. However, the problems of PE film for aluminium encountered by each user are different, and a targeted analysis is required before a plan can be formulated.


1. The problem of not sticking PE film for aluminium firmly

This kind of problem is likely to be that the pressure-sensitive adhesive of PE film for aluminium is not sufficiently viscous, or that the pressure is not up to the standard, and the adhesive surface is not clean enough. According to these circumstances, the higher method is to replace the pressure-sensitive adhesive or film pressure to avoid similar problems.


2. The problem that both ends of the PE film for aluminium are raised after use

Generally, only when the PE film for aluminium stretches too much, it will appear after high temperature. It can be seen that the environmental temperature has a great influence on the quality of PE film for aluminium.


3. The problem of degumming PE film for aluminium

This is a very common problem, that is, when the PE film for aluminium is torn off from the surface of the profile, the adhesive of the protective film remains on the profile product. If the user has this kind of problem, he can use a clean cloth dipped in a little alcohol to wipe the remaining sensitive adhesive repeatedly until the sensitive adhesive is wiped clean. But it should not be too hard, so as not to affect the surface of the material.


4. The problem of difficult peeling of PE film for aluminium

There are two reasons for this problem. On the one hand, the sensitive adhesive used may not be a special sensitive adhesive for PE film for aluminium. On the other hand, the material used in the master tape of the protective film is too soft to withstand the pulling force during peeling. To solve this kind of problem, we can only start from the root, either replace the pressure-sensitive adhesive or replace the material of the PE film for aluminium master tape.


Octivia Industrial Development Co., Ltd. was established in 2008, we have been in the business of manufacturing protective films since then. Our company has dedicated capabilities to manufacture... 



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