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Four suggestions for purchasing PE film for aluminium

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Four suggestions for purchasing PE film for aluminium

PE film for aluminium for aluminium suppliers--Octivia Industrial Development Co., td. was established in 2008. Our company is located in Jiangsu Province, China, very close to Shanghai. Since then, we have been engaged in the business of manufacturingPE film for aluminium. The company has the professional ability to manufacture protective films for traditional industries and electronics industries. Some purchasers always mention the material of PE protective film when consulting the parameters of PE film for aluminium. In this regard, as a professional PE film for aluminium manufacturer, Octivia Industrial will give you a detailed answer through this article today.

Purchasing PE film for aluminium needs to look at the degree of penetration

This is difficult to recognize with the naked eye. It is best to use an optical instrument to measure. There is also a simpler method, which is to choose each PE film for aluminium and cut a small piece and place it in the middle of the computer desktop. Create a new blank WORD file on the computer and check the whiteness of the areas where PE film for aluminium and no PE film for aluminium are pasted on the computer or the blank WORD files in different pasting areas (professional call it brightness). By comparing separately, the brightest material can be selected and its permeability is the best PE film for aluminium.

Purchasing PE film for aluminium needs to see the haze

(1) After the various PE film for aluminium are pasted one by one, the more the background color of the screen is, the smaller the haze, and the smaller the haze, the better the material. This method is easier to see if you use a black test board Out of difference.


(2) In a slightly darkened room, turn on a fluorescent lamp, tear off the upper and lower release films of the PE film for aluminium, hold it by hand and place it between the eyes and the light. You should carefully check if there is a layer of fog on the PE film. The uniform distribution in the PE film for aluminium is the culprit that affects the haze. The more severe the haze, the greater the haze and the worse the material. Otherwise, the better.

Purchasing PE film for aluminium needs to look at static electricity

Since the liquid crystal display is a sensitive device that is afraid of static electricity, the smaller the static electricity when attaching the PE film for aluminium, the better. The test method is to prepare the protective film to be tested (3-layer material or two-layer material), smoke a cigarette and knock the soot in Desktop, or put some small paper scraps on the desktop, then tear off the top layer of PE film for aluminium, PE film for aluminium has this step for 3 layers), then tear off PE film for aluminium with silicone layer , When tearing off this protective film, immediately put the used layer (silica gel surface) close to soot or paper scraps to see if the PE film for aluminium will adsorb these things on the silica gel layer of the protective film. The stronger the adsorption, the more the material The higher the static electricity generated, the worse the material, and vice versa, the better.

Purchasing PE film for aluminium needs fingerprint proof

In recent years, more and more products have larger and larger screen sizes, and more and more smartphones are equipped with capacitive screens (touching with a finger is different from the old-fashioned resistive screen, which requires a pen to draw). PE film for aluminium is more and more in need of anti-fingerprint function.


Our company's goal is to meet market demand, continue to explore and innovate, and provide customers with high-quality PE film for aluminium. We sincerely hope that through friendly cooperation, we can go hand in hand with customers at home and abroad for a win-win situation and create a new era of environmentally friendly surface protection materials!


Octivia Industrial Development Co., Ltd. was established in 2008, we have been in the business of manufacturing protective films since then. Our company has dedicated capabilities to manufacture... 



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